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MODEL: SC-1130/1130T

AL PA Horn

MODEL: SC-1130/1130T

AL PA Horn

30W Rated Input, Reflex Horn Speaker with transformer 
Equipped 70/100V Constant Line Voltage.with 300-7000Hz 
Frequency Response and 110dB Sound Pressure Level.

Rated Input   30Watt 
Rated Voltage   100V & 70V Line

Rated Impedance

100V:30W/330 ohms; 15W/670 ohms; 
  70V: 30W/170ohms;15W/330 ohms; 7.5W/670ohms

Sound Pressure   110 dB(1W/M) 
Frequency Response   300-7000Hz 
Finish   Horn & Reflector horn:ABS; off-gray/Bracket :Steel; Speakercable: Polyvinyl chloride insulated cabtyre cable(5.5mm in diameter, 300mm in length) 
Dimensions   287(W)* 205(H) *280(D)mm