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PA Horn


PA Horn

20W Rated Input, Reflex Horn Speaker with transformer 
Equipped 70/100V Constant Line Voltage. with 450-10000Hz 
Frequency Response and 110dB Sound Pressure Level.


Rated Input   20Watt 
Impedance: 8 Ω

Rated Voltage   100V & 70V Line

Impedance 100V Line (SC-820T): 250/500


Sound Pressure   110 dB (1W/M) 
Frequency Response   450-10000Hz 
Material: ABS

Bracket Material: Stainless Steel and Steel


This series is ellipse engineering plastic horn speaker. The die-cast uses the aluminum alloy compression casting to guarantee firmness of the system. It has strong output, penetrating power, and the transmitting range is far. High effect and low input impedance for easy to install.

This series bases on the SC- series products. Inside installation ion & distance transmission audio transformer and adjustable switch. And can choose the output power as need. Its input voltage is 70V or 100V.